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Our Practice Areas

Austin Law provides defense and advocacy for individuals who are facing challenges, claims or are victims of serious situations. Our legal team will work tirelessly but compassionately on behalf of each of our clients with issues to resolve in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Veteran and Family Law, to name a few.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense team works tirelessly to help protect your rights after an arrest for any type of criminal offense.

Family Law

Family law matters can be highly emotional, and the outcome of a case can substantially impact you and your family’s future, especially if you have children.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury lawyers are prepared to defend you with strong representation on injuries due to the carelessness of others.


We are certified family and business law mediators who can address and manage underlying issues for long term solutions.

Veteran Law

We take pride in serving the veterans who served for us. We are a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business - and we understand the needs of veterans.

Entrapment Issues

Entrapment refers to a situation in which an individual is arrested for a crime that he or she would not have committed were it not for the encouragement...

General Immigration Services​

Austin Law offers a variety of services related to United States immigration law and have experience in a variety of areas of immigration law...

Estate Planning & Notary Services

Austin Law provides a range of empathetic services for estate planning and probate to honor and preserve your legacy with full notarial services.

Fair Pricing & No-Interest Payment Plans Available

At Austin Law, integrity and client satisfaction are paramount. We uphold a steadfast commitment to transparent pricing, ensuring our legal services are fairly priced and accessible. Recognizing the financial constraints that clients may encounter, we offer convenient no-interest payment plans. With us, you can engage our legal expertise with confidence, knowing that fairness and flexibility define our approach to serving your legal needs.


Professional and Experienced

You've Come to The Right Place for Assistance

Austin Law is a leading full-service law firm with offices in New Braunfels, Texas, led by M. Avery Austin, III, Esquire

We have developed a systematic and responsive approach for our clients, offering effective, thorough, and comprehensive results for our clients.  

The steps taken in most cases include:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Initial Petition/Complaint Filing
  3. Service of Notice to Other Parties
  4. Response from Defendant(s)
  5. Pre-Trial and Settlement Negotiations
  6. Trial and Verdict

Legal Process Explained…

Veteran-owned Business

Professional And Experienced Veteran Attorney

CPT. M. Avery Austin, III, US Army - 2000-2010

If you are a veteran in need of legal support,
let us help you and your family!

Our law firm knows how to help veterans! Austin Law is led by M. Avery Austin, III, a Service-Disabled Veteran who served in active combat with the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army. He has extensive experience with VA disability, clearances and veteran-related issues. He and his team has helped various veterans with ongoing legal support and representation.

Google Reviews

It’s hard to narrow it down to exact words but I’ll say this when you need a battle buddy that ain’t going to turn there back on you and go into the fight with you there is no better person I’d suggest to have your six then Avery Austin!
I am a veteran and have used Austin Law. They were very responsive and helpful.. I have recommended Auatin law to several veteran friends. These veterans had problems from dealing with auto insurance companies to run ends with the law. Austin Law was there to help them resolve the issues. Avery Austin is a veteran and understands what we have been through and uses his expertise to help and get positive results!



My family would not be having a wonderful end of the year without the help of Austin Law PLLC and God. We have never met a wonderful Lawyer and staff that is really willing to help the person in trouble but to understand the whole family needs to help the process by explaining what to expect. Thank you so much and The Lord Jesus Christ Bless your practice as you continue to help people in need.



Shannon and Avery both helped ease my anxiety by explained the process of what could/should and might happen very thoroughly. They gave me no false hope either. I would recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer. I got on somewhat of a personal level with them. I even met their beautiful pups. Great couple, highly recommended.



They did a great job. I had no worries during the process. I highly recommend.
Mr. Austin is amazing, as well as his entire team! They really work to help people, definitely would recommend for anyone looking for a good attorney.
Avery and Shannon were so helpful and very easy to work with. They were very prompt and demanded action on my behalf. I would definitely recommend them for any legal advice.