Savor WurstFest Responsibly: Trust Our DWI Defense Team!

Who We Are:

At Austin Law, we specialize in delivering exceptional DWI defense to protect your rights and ensure a just legal process. Our team of experienced attorneys is aware that mistakes can happen. Our mission is to lead you through the legal procedures professionally, allowing you to get back to enjoying the WurstFest experience.

DWI Defense Services:

    • Legal Expertise: Our team of skilled attorneys will assess your case, scrutinize the evidence, and create a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.
    • Minimizing Consequences: We will work diligently to reduce the impact of a DWI charge on your life, including minimizing fines, license suspension, and potential incarceration.
    • Protecting Your Rights: Our commitment is to safeguard your rights and guarantee a fair and just legal process.

Contact Us Today:

Don’t let a DWI charge spoil the enjoyment you had at WurstFest. If you require legal assistance, please call us at 830-475-3425 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Indulge in WurstFest to the fullest, but always remember to celebrate responsibly. We are here to guide you through any legal challenges that may arise. Your rights, your future – our priorit

Heading to WurstFest? Be careful, since law enforcement is in full force!  If you do get pulled over, we can help!